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Many of you might be wondering where on Earth I’ve wandered off to. I’m here… and I have had a few sessions. I’ve also been working on taxes. Sigh. Tax season is upon me and it makes me want to cringe. Thankfully – I’m done itemizing (for 2 businesses mind you), sorting, and pulling my hair out for another year.

Also – I’ve taken up to a new … I don’t know if I’d call it a hobby. More like an obsession at the moment. I’ve never really been a makeup kind of girl. In fact – I just recently started wearing base consistently every day. Well – I’ve always wanted to know how to do my eye makeup. I’ve never been good at it and if I tried any dark colors – I always ended up looking like I had two well developed black eyes. Well – I discovered a few makeup artists on youtube. Wow… I’ve also spent (I won’t tell you how much) on some new makeup palettes and MAC brushes. Who knew it was all in the brush!! So – I’ve spent all of my photography money on makeup. I feel like a teenager all over again with testing makeup looks. This new obsession also causes me to run late nearly every morning with not enough time to do my hair. I’m becoming high-maintenance and didn’t realize it!

Soon – it’s back to regularly scheduled programming with a few shoots I’ve had over the past few weeks. Sorry I’ve neglected you, dear blog, but, I needed to curl my eyelashes. :)

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